About Us

Hello, and I'm delighted you found me here at Aromatix Signature Scents.  I'm Joan Price McLaughlin and I first experienced essential oils from my soap-making friends years ago. I started reading and practicing the art of blending on my own before I formally trained with Penny Price-USA and The Aromahead Institute. Aromatherapy is a fast growing field in the United States now, and I've been fortunate to meet and train with well-known and well-respected aromatherapists from around the world.

The philosophy behind Aromatix is to offer consultations on the use of aromatherapy to enhance one's health.  I do this in individual consultations and in fun and informative hands-on workshops.  Many people are very interested in true aromatherapy and I will show you how to get started using essential oils and incorporate them into your daily lives, businesses, or health/wellness practices. 

In January, 2012, I began serving on the Board of Directors of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA).  AIA is  an organization dedicated to making aromatherapy a readily accessible and respected holistic healing modality. Check AIA out here: www.alliance-aromatherapists.org